The OPEN CAMP sport park is located in the Olympic Park on Montjuïc hill and consists of the Olympic Stadium, Pau Negre Stadium, Campo Municipal Pérez de Rozas, the Telefonica Tower and the Olympic Museum (hereafter, the ‘Park’), where all venues can be used in accordance with the present rules. The rules are available at the Park ticket office and on our Website,

OPEN CAMP reserves the right to modify these rules whenever it seems appropriate and without any prior notice.

Entry tickets and season passes can be acquired at the Park’s box office as well as on the internet and at authorized points of sale. For more information on different type of entry tickets, admission prices, conditions, where to buy them, etc. you can visit our Website, attend the Park’s box office or contact our customer service through the Website or the telephone service (+34) 902 070753.

The entry tickets are valid to visit the Park on the period indicated on the ticket.

Official admission prices are the ones valid at the time of purchase. OPEN CAMP reserves the right to change its admission prices under exceptional circumstances.

Tickets and season passes cannot be resold.

Tickets and season passes cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Only official discount and promotional vouchers are accepted.

Tickets and season passes entitle the holder to access and visit the Park during the Park’s opening days and opening hours. Before entering the Park, visitors who hold a ticket must first go to the ticket office to obtain a wristband, which must be worn and used to enter the venues.

Despite the previously mentioned, OPEN CAMP can sell tickets to enjoy only one or some Park venues. Information in this regard will be available in the Park ticket offices.

The wristband is non-transferable and must be displayed at access control points to the different Park venues and whenever requested by OPEN CAMP staff members.

OPEN CAMP has no liability for any type of theft, loss or breakage of the wristband. Nevertheless, if the wristband breaks while using the Park’s sport experiences or inside any of its venues, visitors should report this incident to OPEN CAMP staff members, so that they can give assistance.

Season passes are personal and non-transferable. Due to operational and safety reasons, OPEN CAMP reserves the right to verify the visitor’s identity at any time.

For operational and safety reasons, OPEN CAMP reserves the right to inspect visitors’ belongings at any entry points to the venues, with the purpose of controlling and restricting access of any objects and substances that can cause harm or put visitors’ safety at risk.

Outside food and beverages cannot be brought into the Park.

OPEN CAMP reserves the right of admission to its venues, as well as the right to remove visitors and tickets, under these circumstances:

* Non-compliance with Park Operating Rules

* Inadequate use of the Park tickets or wristbands, promotional vouchers or season passes.

* Displaying any type of inappropriate contact that disturbs or affects other visitors.

* Disruption of order.

* Causing any kind of damage or harm to the Park’s venues.

* Non-compliance with BSM Olympic Stadium Access Rules.

Park opening hours can be checked on the Website, the Park ticket offices, and at Customer Service. Nonetheless, any of the Park’s venues may have different opening hours. Therefore, we recommend visitors to check the opening hours at the Park’s ticket office before entering the Park.

Due to operational, technical or safety reasons, as well as weather conditions, OPEN CAMP reserves the right to modify Park opening hours whenever necessary without any prior notice.

If the Park or any of its venues must be closed during the visit, due to any of the previous reasons, the visitor is not entitled to a ticket refund.

Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during their visit to the Park. The parent or legal guardian will be held liable for any kind of damage caused by minors.

At the Park’s venues, payment by credit card is accepted. The card holder is required to show an official ID that verifies their identity. Payments with 200 € and 500 € notes will not be accepted.

In order to enable access to the Park for guests with disabilities, visitors can go to the Customer Service Office and receive information on the Park’s adapted services and other services available.

It is not allowed to bring domesticated animals to the Park except for companion dogs.

According to present governing laws, smoking is not allowed in the park.

For safety and functional reasons, visitors should wear closed shoes, as several sport experiences do not allow the use of open shoes, such as sandals or flip flops.

For hygienic reasons, shirts, shoes and pants must be worn at all times.

The entrance of any kind of personal recreational vehicles, such as bicycles, roller skates, skateboards or scooters, or other means of transport is not allowed.

No drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances can be consumed at the Park.

The sport experiences are subject to their own rules, which are displayed at the entrances to each experience. In addition, these experience rules can be complemented by OPEN CAMP staff members.

Visitors must respect queues and other restrictions indicated in order to use the experiences. Restrictions for reasons such as height, physical condition or health, are a few examples. Therefore, the visitor is responsible and must comply with the rules of each experience.

Visitors cannot access the sport experiences carrying personal items that could be lost, damaged or suppose a risk to other visitors. These items must be kept by a companion or, if available, at the lockers provided for that purpose.

OPEN CAMP has no liability for any thefts, robberies or lost personal items that may occur at its venues. Visitors are advised to watch their belongings during their time at the Park.

Non-compliance with the rules of each experience by visitors does not entail any liability for OPEN CAMP.

Recording images and sounds at the venue by visitors is only allowed for personal use; commercial use is only permitted in case the visitor has specific authorisation from OPEN CAMP.

Selling or distributing any kind of products or services inside the Park is not allowed unless OPEN CAMP has given its specific authorisation.

OPEN CAMP has a public address system to be used exclusively for Park operations. Requests for private use by visitors will not be accepted.

OPEN CAMP has an on-site first aid centre.

All visitors are kindly requested to report to OPEN CAMP staff members any kind of incident, emergency situation or possible danger they might detect. If a total or partial evacuation of the Park is required, please keep calm and obey the evacuation rules and indications given by OPEN CAMP staff members.