1. When does Open Camp open and which is its schedule?

The park will open next April, 2017. New schedule coming soon.

2. How much does the ticket cost?

We have the cheapest ticket prices of all the parks in Europe. Check here for the prices.

3. Can I leave and return on the same day?

OPEN CAMP sports park has an open perimeter, unlike other Parks. Due to the bracelet you will receive when you buy the ticket you can enter and exit to the facilities as many times as you want.

4. Are the offers and promotions in OPEN CAMP cumulative? 

No, offers and promotions are not cumulative.

5. If I have a discount, can I apply it when I buy a ticket on line?

Not all promotions are applicable to Internet, it will always be indicated in the description of the discount.

6. If I buy tickets on Internet, what I have to do to get in OPEN CAMP?

Once you have bought your ticket you must print it in the “Purchase History”  section and take it on the specific on line ticket window to exchange the mentioned ticket for the bracelet needed to access the park.

7. Is the park prepared for guests with a disability?

Practically the hole park is adapted for people with reduced mobility. To date, the baseball field is the only space that is not accessible, although is working to adapt it soon. At OPEN CAMP you will find Paralympic sports experiences.


8. Can I access the park with pets?

In the facilities with access control are not allowed animals except the assistance dogs. There is no limitation to the rest of the facilities due to the facts that are opened.

9. How should I dress?

For safety and functionality reasons, visitors shall wear closed shoes due to the fact that certain sporting experiences do not allow the use of open shoes, such as flips-flops.

For hygienic reason it is no permissible, in any case, to wear naked torso, walk barefooted and/or wear swim suit or bikini.


10. Could I bring food from outside? 

Nor food or drinks are allowed in the park. You have at your disposal a wide range of restaurants, bars and vending points.

11. Can I bring roller skates, bikes or similar?

Except for bicycles, it is not allowed, inside the park facilities, the use of personal and recreational transportation.